Support Worker Dan spoke to Paula to hear her thoughts on participating in the recent Look Good Feel Good course on the lead up to International Women's Day 2023 ... 


Paula reported that she had been feeling a little isolated as she awaited the start of her classes after the Christmas break and was informed of the class being ran by Michelle in East Belfast. Paula initially, despite the excitement of starting the course, also felt a little unfamiliar as she was unsure of what to expect having to meet so many new people. Paula however, said she was greeted by the bubbly Michelle who swiftly set aside any fears she may have had and greeted her with open arms. Paula said she was made to feel welcome and engaged in chat with all the other ladies present. The fact the meetups were accompanied by tea and buns further added to the enjoyment of the course!

General discussions between the groups were particularly thought-provoking, discussing many of women's issue within our society! Paula additionally valued that she could share experiences with individuals in the group, who may have had shared experiences and could come from a place of understanding which some others may not necessarily appreciate.

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