The Youth Matters services offers access to a wide variety of group activities and personal development programmes for children and young people with disabilities, autism and brain injury up to the age of 18.  

What support is provided?

The objective of the Youth Matters Service is to support young people to have opportunities to engage in weekly personal development and social activities to develop their resilience, confidence, self-esteem and build new friendships through engagement.
The aims of the Service are to:

•         Reduce social isolation by availing of more social opportunities that are linked to their talents/interests
•         Develop social networks
•         Participate in personal development programmes that enhance and develop their skills
•         Identify community based groups that can offer services to young people with disabilities

How to get involved:

Youth Matters is available across 5 Health and Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland*

*The criteria for admission and length of service is dependent upon the contracts we hold in these areas. For more information contact us at:

T: 02890461834

[email protected]

Employability and Community Inclusion offer goal-directed services that support participants to progress from the service when they have achieved their goals.

Newsletter Activities:

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