Gary joined our Inclusion Matters programme last year in the hope he would become more active within the community and meet others in a similar position to himself. Gary is attending the Headway Group [Lisburn] and has recently started attending St. James Community Farm.

Gary is a huge animal lover and enjoys going to the farm where he can spend time with all the animals, including: the goats sheep, donkeys, turtles, hedgehogs and the hens. 


Gary has a lovely bond with 'Chip the Goat'. Chip came to the farm as a kid and was bottle fed by staff; so is very friendly, and even gives you his hoof when you ask for it. Some say, he acts just like a loyal dog! He loves nothing more than Gary scratching 
his back.
Gary hopes to continue his weekly visits to the farm and continue to develop bonds with all the other animals; as well as seeing his good buddy 'Chip the Goat' 

Click the link to discover more information and how to apply to our Inclusion Matters programme: InclUSion Matters | The Cedar Foundation (