My name is Shauna, I am 21 years old and I am being supported by Linda in Cedar’s Floating Support [Lisburn] service. I am enjoying my time with Cedar and the support that Linda gives me.

I especially enjoyed attending the 80 Year Focus group in Belfast, where I met other service users and members of staff. I really felt I was being heard and my opinion and story mattered.

Linda has been helping me with understanding my income and working on my budgeting skills. I am happy to say I have now moved into my first flat, where there are staff around if I need help. I am enjoying my independence and I am learning lots of new skills. My confidence is growing better everyday!

I would like to add that we are all equal individuals no matter what our disability is and we all deserve our stories to be heard, and to have respect and an understanding of our individual needs.

I want to say a huge thank you to Linda from Floating Support for the help and support she gives me. I would recommend Cedar FS as they are kind, understanding, and trustworthy!

Please click the link to discover more about our Floating Support service and how to apply: Regional Floating Support (Disability) | The Cedar Foundation