Meet the Inclusion Matters team

InclUSion Matters supports people with disabilities, especially those who experience isolation, to build new social networks within their local communities. The service is focused on encouraging peer support and enabling user-led networking to help participants become involved in social, leisure and recreational opportunities within their local area.

What support is provided?

  • Get involved in social events
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Experience new activities
  • Develop new interests
  • Become more active in the community 

How to become involved:

InclUSion Matters currently operates within the South Eastern HSCT, Belfast HSCT Northern HSCT and Western Southern Sector HSCT areas for individuals aged 18 - 64, who have a disability, Autism and Brain Injury* 

Referrals to the service are made through an agreed referral pathway from local HSCT Social Workers or Community Brain Injury Teams.

*The criteria for admission and length of service is dependent upon the contracts we hold in these areas.

Robert volunteers his 'green thumbs read about his placement with Ark Community Gardens 

Victoria updates us on health and well-being activities in the Downpatrick area during the lockdown

Claire has been teaching Jane Spanish in the Northern Trust area

James has been heavily involved in many activities during lockdown including printmaking

Michele tells us about her job as Community Inclusion Officer with Inclusion Matters 


Watch Adrian's journey back to a full and active life following his stroke in 2017



The Right 4 U 😊 service aims to build and strengthen the capacity of adults with autism to engage in activities within their local communities.

The service supports service users to gain practical experience to improve their lives so that they are empowered to become more self-reliant and to develop social skills to:

•         Reduce social isolation by availing of more social opportunities that are linked to interests
•         Develop social networks
•         Increase independence in daily living and community living skills
•         Explore daytime opportunities 
•         Identify agencies that can support with access employment opportunities

How to get involved:

Currently the Right 4 U😊 Service is available in Belfast and Western Trust areas
For more information  and to find out if you can access the Right 4 U 😊 programme in your area please contact us on:
028 90 461834 or 02871 360136 or [email protected] 

David tells us about his role as a Right 4 U :) Support Worker


Here's a clip produced by Right 4 U :) service users and their thoughts about the support they've received