Seacourt has provided printing workshops for Cedar Inclusion Matters service users for many years. The workshops provide service users with the opportunity to not only learn valuable printmaking skills, but also to socialise as a group.

Covid-19 impacted on the usual delivery of the workshops but online sessions were quickly put in place with Seacourt's helpful innovation and support, even though we could not avail of the usual printmaking facilities at Seacourt. 

Connecting with participants during the weeks of Covid-19 was very important. It provided a space to talk and interact with somebody else, albeit digitally, which was welcomed.

The online delivery format was tailored to each person’s individual needs in their preferred format. Each week Clinton (tutor) would contact participants from Cedar on a 20-30 minute call.  Together the partnership sought ways to continue a 'printmaking' conversation in each person’s own home.

Seacourt went 'above and beyond' to prepare printmaking plates and even organised tools to be sent out to each participant.

Participants selected their own objects, and used materials sent out to create the 'plates', that will be used to print from when they finally return to Seacourt. Even though participants cannot print at home they have been able to do most of the work of preparing the image that will be printed, in the hopefully, not too distant future. 

Each week participants discussed what they had done, talked more generally about weekly activities and feelings, talking about what they will do in the future.  This has also resulted in some of the participants creating their own images through drawing skills.  James has done just that!

James has been not only involved with the Seacourt Print workshops, but also: the local Boccia group, local social group, Cedar/SERC  Metalwork and cookery classes too!  He told us,

"Since the lockdown I've been keeping in touch through the various social group conference calls, other Cedar video calls, and the Cedar WhatsApp groups. I've also enjoyed co-hosting some of the weekly quizzes with other Cedar service users. I've really enjoyed taking part in the weekly virtual video tuition from Seacourt print workshop to produce my own work.

He added, 

"I've increased my confidence to further take part in virtual activities to help me stay connected with others that I have attended activities with.  I feel positive because I now have new social outlets I would not have had previously."