How long have you worked for Cedar?

18 months

What does your job entail?

Supporting individuals with their autism condition, helping them better understand autism, whilst providing opportunity and choices for social inclusion. I provide additional support through helping service users plans, and also developing their action plans, to work towards achieving their set attainable goals. 

What is a typical day like?

Busy. I start work at 8.30am. There are many aspects to my job, and I work very closely with my colleague Heather. I clear my emails in the early morning and I follow that with some planning and paperwork. At 12 noon, I go home for lunch and feed my cat. In the afternoon, I would normally be driving in my car somewhere to meet with a service user, possible even two individuals some afternoons. I may also be planning for facilitating an 'understanding autism' training programme that evening, therefore, return to the office at 5pm, and finish at 9pm. Then I go home to put my feet up (with my cat).


What’s your favourite memory from your work so far?

My favourite memories are somewhat bittersweet. Every memory that I consider a ‘favourite’, are those when the service user has come to the end of the Right 4 U programme :); and having watched each individual accept responsibility for understanding their autism condition and work hard on their personal development, before telling me that they no longer require my help :).


What do you like most about your job?

Working with Heather, she is a great colleague and person. We have a good rapport and understanding, and we think quite similar in many ways; however, we do have our different perspectives too. This helps us develop many creative ideas that lead to opportunities and choices for service user social inclusion.

Why do you like working for Cedar?

Cedar gave me an opportunity to work in a position that I am passionate about and a role that suits my experience and education; and I do enjoy the fact that I am lucky enough to live near my work.


What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

I like to do the following: play the guitar; practice my French; reading; watching documentaries; oil painting; listen to jazz and blues; watch my football team on TV; gardening; cycling; and talk to my cat (a lot!).


What’s a fun fact about you many people may not know?

Many friends have described me as being ‘lucky’; I am not so sure about that; however, I have won quite a lot of random-draw prizes that require absolutely no skill or talent.   

"During the COVID-19 lockdown, I have come to better understand the negative impact that social isolation can have on our behaviour and mental health; therefore, I hope everyone is keeping well at the moment".