Outlook service user Siofra recently attended a first aid course run by Charlie Howes from Emergency Care NI. She really enjoyed the chance to explore the basics of first aid and life support. The day also offered the opportunity for making new friends.

Siofra’s mum Edel said: "I was very proud of her when she came home with her certificate it really did mean a lot. She could rhyme of different things that she had learnt. I think Kelly, Siofra’s Outlook Worker, could tell I was very proud and appreciate all that Cedar and Kelly do for Siofra and I."

The Outlook service provides one to one social and emotional support to children with disabilities, autism and brain injury to enable them to develop friendships and access social and recreational opportunities at home or within their local community, whilst providing parents and carers with a regular short break.

Edel continued: “It is a terrific experience for her. She thoroughly enjoys all the outings with Kelly. She is so relaxed with going out each week and this gives me some time to myself. Siofra can go into a shop now with Kelly providing a little assistance and she can pay for an item or food.”

The service is delivered in partnership with local Health & Social Care Trusts and referral to the service comes solely from the Children’s Disability Team or other identified Health & Social Care representatives.

On a personal note Edel added: “Siofra has a great rapport with Kelly and never says she doesn't want to go, nothing is ever too much trouble for Kelly and she is so accommodating. Kelly is first class at her job!”

If you would like any further information about our Short Break service, please click the link to the Short Breaks webpage for details of local offices.