Linda Keers  - Director of Finance & Corporate Services

"I am delighted to be able to be given the opportunity in this particular spotlight series to introduce my brilliant, dedicated Finance, Payroll and Support teams, with my equally excellent HR team having previously been featured".

Cedar’s Corporate Services Directorate comprises Human Resources, Finance, Payroll, ICT and Corporate Services support.  Each of these areas aims to provide professional, high quality and efficient support to our customers which include our service users and their families; and the managers and staff within Cedar’s services. 

We employ a high ratio of professionally qualified HR and Finance personnel, ensuring that the systems we operate and the advice we provide is compliant with all of our legislative requirements.

Our Corporate Services support team provides effective support in areas such as insurance, Health and Safety and contract management. 

Our ICT systems are robust and have been particularly effective during the current Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that our Corporate and Employability and Community Inclusion services seamlessly transitioned to operating remotely.

Meet the Corporate Services team

Introducing Doreen and Merniffa 

Watch Doreen and Merniffa's Cedar story.  Merniffa & Doreen provide exceptional support for the whole of Corporate Services and beyond.

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Natalya and Michael's role within the finance team

Deborah is the Internal Auditor


Meet Seamus Daly our Deputy Manager for Payroll

Jean McLaughlin is the Payroll Co-ordinator 


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