The vital HR role within Corporate Services

  • Cedar's HR team are professionally qualified members of CIPD, who have never been busier during the lockdown period.

  • They have had to exercise:  flexibility, resilience, empathy, collaboration, and most of all, sound teamwork during this time. 

  • They are supporting over 50 managers to deliver services seamlessly across Cedar, whilst managing the employee impact of COVID-19. 

  • They have been actively engaging with many colleagues who have sought advice on a personal level during these unprecedented times. 

The team strongly agrees... 

"Human Resources isn’t a thing we do, it’s the thing that runs our business, and it is our responsibility to create a happy and engaged workforce".

HR activities at a glance 

Teresa O'Neil outlines the effect Covid-19 has had on the HR Team 

The one sure thing about this Coronavirus pandemic is that it has turned our world upside down and that involves the world of work. HR has been working remotely since the 23rd March.

We are operating as normal and continuing to provide all our services, including active recruitment, attendance management, performance and employee relations issues, staff welfare, and health & safety. We have just had to learn to do things differently. Technology has reshaped our approach to our work.

"Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams are not only everyday words, it’s now how HR conduct most of our daily business".

We are aware that Covid-19 has been stressful and some of our employees have found it particularly difficult to cope.  Covid-19 has made us shift our focus more to the human side of our role.  It’s important that we keep in contact with our colleagues and link in with Managers. It’s also reminding you that it’s important you look after yourself. Each morning we have our Team brief. We talk things through, prioritize workload and review our targets. On good days we even have a laugh. 

One thing we have learned working through Covid is that one of the most important skills we have is team working. With over 70 years HR experience between us, we like to think our contribution is making a difference. We are not ‘The HR Team’ we are ‘Your HR Team’.

The Co-Heads of HR explain their role in this video clip 

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