The Youth Matters team had a fantastic fundraiser at the Belfast Castle abseiling alongside other brave participants fundraising for their chosen local charities.  Well done to everyone taking part, such a great turnout, and thankfully the weather was kind to enjoy the stunning views and rainbow from the top!



The Youth Matters team abseiled down Belfast Castle on 3rd October to raise funds for activities for our young people.

We posed three questions, to three of the excited participants to find out why they are taking part in this high-level challenge.

Question 1. What do you like about Youth Matters? 

Question 2. Why do you want to do the abseil? 

Question 3. If you could be any TV character who would you be and why?

Emmet is a Youth Matters service user in Belfast, who loves walking and chess.

Answer 1. The fact that it's different from the other clubs I go to. I like sitting playing cards and playing chess. I also like the staff and the people. I like the summer schemes, we did music and art, and even though it's not my thing I got to try it out. We also played a game called the 'Blue & Red' game which I liked.

Answer 2. It sounds fun! and also when I was in Disneyland, I went on the high rides, big wheels and rollercoasters.

Answer 3. Spiderman, because of the scene in Spiderman Homecoming, when he climbs up a wall to save his friends. I’m on the wall to raise money for Youth Matters like Spiderman.

Leah is a Project Worker with Youth Matters.

Answer 1.  My favourite thing about Youth Matters is the young people that I work with. I love watching them grow and develop into the amazing young people that they are.

Answer 2. I chose to do the abseil as it is a way to try something new and I love the views from the Castle Estate!

Answer 3. If I could be a character from any TV show it would be Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine Nine because she has a motorbike. 

Emma has a son who is a Youth Matters Service User.

Answer 1. The amount of support and opportunities Youth Matters provided for my child. My child went from not being able to attend groups on his own to attending youth centres independently and his confidence grew.

Answer 2. Youth Matters have given us so much and I thought it was time to give something back!