Today members of Cedar’s User Forum attended a workshop in The Burnavon, Cookstown to discover how the Patient Client Council engages people from across the region to be active and have their say on different aspects of health and social care.

Project Co-Ordinator Jessica explained:

“This workshop is about encouraging people to get involved and help them take the first step in becoming proactive with healthcare planning and provision strategies. Cedar’s User Fora understand the importance of their healthcare experiences and it is vital that as services change the communication of their knowledge is not only front and centre, but the people impacted are at the table.”

The event was extremely productive as User Forum members completed work booklets and exercises. Their position as influencers was underscored through feedback sessions and an exploration of the levels of patient involvement the Department of Health are implementing in their delivery of the Health and Wellbeing 2026 strategy. This included explanations of the what the terms Informing, Educating, Consulting, Engaging and Co-Production mean in relation to the context of this strategy. Co-production in particular was highlighted as a way to involve people as equals at the earliest stages of service design, development and evaluation.

User Forum Regional Chair Jean Kennedy said:

“I have really enjoyed getting to know about what the PCC does and how to get involved with panels and groups to give my opinions and thoughts. The PCC staff made the day both informative and fun. I found it very interesting.”

The User Forum would like to say a big thank to the Patient Client Council for coming to speak at the workshop and we look forward to meeting again.

The Patient Client Council was set up on 1st April 2009 to be a powerful independent voice for people in Northern Ireland. It is designed to listen and act on people’s views, encourage people to get involved, help people make complaints and provide advice and information.

For more information on the Patient Client Council visit:, Call:0800 917 0222, Follow on Twitter: @PatientClient or Facebook /PatientAndClientCouncil

What is the User Forum? 

Cedar’s User Forum are focused on making a positive difference to the lives of people with disabilities. They want to empower disabled people to influence and inform services that will support them to live fully inclusive lives. They are person centred, approachable and supportive of all who use our service.

The forum is made up of Cedar service users who are prepared to challenge poor practice and seek service improvements. To achieve they we consult and communicate with service users, management, staff and external agencies.

To find out more visit our dedicated page. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.