Image shows placement student smiling at camera.

Hello, my name is Ellen Mckeown, and I am a third-year psychology student at Ulster University.

During my placement, I have had the amazing opportunity to work in two of Cedar’s exceptional services: Croft Communities and The Mews. These services are incredibly beneficial for the individuals who rely on them for support and assistance. Getting to see the work being done and also being part of it, has made me want to pursue this type of work even more than I did before.

It was through a family friend, who happens to work at Cedar, that I first learned about this incredible organisation. Once I heard about the different services and the work Cedar Foundation do, I knew I would love the opportunity to work there.

Throughout my university studies, I have become increasingly interested in Behavioural Psychology and this is looked at and used regularly, especially in the Mews. I have been involved in the work with residents in the Mews which has been so educational, and I have learnt so much. 

Throughout my placement, Cedar Foundation has gone above and beyond in providing me with different opportunities such as training, experiences and interactions that have helped my personal and professional growth. Their commitment to nurturing my development and providing me with a supportive environment has been exceptional, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and practical skills that will undoubtedly benefit me in my future endeavours.

Reflecting on my time with Cedar Foundation, I can confidently say that this placement has been one of the best experiences. It has broadened my horizons and challenged my perspectives. I am genuinely grateful to the Cedar Foundation for giving me this invaluable opportunity. This placement has undoubtedly been a highlight of my academic journey and I will carry the experiences and lessons learned with me I continue to pursue a career in psychology.

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