An exciting art project has created some amazing results. The project was delivered during a Covid-19 partnership with Cedar IM South and East Belfast and the East Side Partnership.
Michele from the South and East Inclusion Matters project linked with local artist Clinton Kirkpatrick who began delivering ‘Sky Drawing’ workshops. Clinton had devised the concept and was able to reach out to four Inclusion Matters service users online, using their preferred platforms.Clinton explained

"the Sky Drawing concept was based on cut-out shapes and forms, that lifts from concepts in work created by artists such as Henry Matisse and Pablo Picasso".

Clinton, previously, had introduced cut-outs into his own work and started photographing them, as they were dropped from a height, within the space of the sky.

"When the moment is right, the sky frames the drawing and the photograph becomes the finished piece of work".

Each participant had three to four online sessions with Clinton, and each person created their own individual, beautiful artwork. After all online sessions were completed, Clinton then collected these artworks and turned them into a more sturdy cut-out, on card, that he then used to photograph in various locations around East Belfast. Clinton said

"It is always an exciting moment to see the work finally come to life in the way that it was intended. Every image that was created by the service user turned out to be very different and the finished results were extremely interesting and beautiful".

The project ran from June-October 2020.

Further information:
InclUSion Matters currently operates within the South Eastern HSCT, Belfast HSCT and Western HSCT areas for individuals aged 18 - 64, and in Northern HSCT for individuals aged 18+, who have a disability, Autism and Brain Injury*

Referrals to the service are made through an agreed referral pathway from local HSCT Social Workers or Community Brain Injury Teams

*The criteria for admission and length of service is dependent upon the contracts we hold in these areas.