Suzy joined Cedar's Inclusion Works in 2022 and recently delivered two hypnotherapy sessions to the PEABI (Personal Effectiveness After Brain Injury) group.

Speaking about her initial introduction to Cedar Suzy said:

I was unaware of the career path I wanted to take and needed a little support and guidance. I was contemplating a transition into a counselling or therapy career while concurrently exploring job opportunities. Navigating diverse career options presented challenges, and in the process, I received support from Izabela who encouraged and actively listened. Izabela also provided me with person-centred action plan goals which enabled me to find opportunities. I recently started a hypnotherapy course, I am required to complete so many hours of work experience, Izabela supported me with this by enabling me to deliver a hypnotherapy session to her brain injury group in Cedar.

Image shows six people looking at camera and smiling after hypnotherapy session.

Suzy has made major achievements by regularly assessing and reviewing her progress:

My action plans and goals evolved during my time with Inclusion Works. Initially, I aimed to accomplish counseling with SERC, but subsequently altered my path to pursue hypnotherapy. Throughout this transition, Izabela served as my advocate, consistently providing guidance, signage, and support in determining the most suitable direction for my professional journey. Enhanced awareness was instrumental in helping me make informed decisions during moments of confusion.

Suzy explains hopes for the future:

Being with Cedar and Izabela helped me to find direction for myself, taking the learning from what went wrong and finding a better vocational path to go into. My aspirations include establishing myself as a self-employed professional in the near future.

What is Inclusion Works?

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