Image shows Susan and Geraldine smiling no a sunny day.Susan became a befriender with Geraldine in August 2016. She started befriending as she wanted to try new things, meet new people and do something worthwhile in her spare time. 

Geraldine has mobility issues which prevent her from getting out and about easily. She has a specially adapted wheelchair which does not fit in a seven-seater taxi, therefore, Susan meets Geraldine at home. Initially, Susan met and continues to meet Geraldine at home. She explains:

“We meet at Geraldine's flat and we have coffee and a chat. We enjoy each other's company and have a laugh. Geraldine is good craic, enjoys a challenge and likes to keep her mind active. We normally play games such as draughts, connect 4 and jigsaws and Geraldine is great at crosswords and scrabble. Most of my visits are an educational experience as we discover new words together.”

As time has progressed Susan and Geraldine have embraced the opportunity to try new things together and develop Geraldine’s confidence:

“We've been out for lunch a few times and we even visited the Odyssey for an Elvis concert. We are arranging to go out for lunch again soon in the good weather.”

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