Every year around 2,000 people sustain a brain injury in Northern Ireland and many more are living with the lng term effects of brain injury, which can sometimes be unseen.  This year Action for Brain Injury Week in Northern Ireland will run from 16 to 22 May with the theme, ‘See the hidden me’, giving survivors the chance to talk about how the hidden aspects of their brain injury has made life more challenging, and to help everyone better understand the impact.

A group of local charities supporting children and adults with acquired brain injury, Brain Injury Matters, The Cedar Foundation, Child Brain Injury Trust and Headway UK, are working in partnership with the Department of Health and Public Health Agency to raise awareness of the what life is like for individuals and families living with brain injury.  They have come together to produce a video which features survivors and their families talking about their experiences of the hidden impact of brain injury and what helps them in being supported.  The video will run across social media platforms and will form part of a range of local activities organized to mark ABI week, including the illumination of a number of local Council buildings across Northern Ireland.  

To view the video click on the link below


Across the week we have a number of events and activities happening which will give individuals living with brain injury the chance to share what the impact of the unseen effects of brain injury are for them.  Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for the stories from our services across NI.

 #ABIWeekNI22 #seethehiddenme