The User Forum has been receiving highly informative scam awareness training from the Ulster Bank over the last few weeks. The bank is affiliated with the Friends Against Scams campaign. The sessions are providing practical and impartial advice on how to stay safe on and offline.
Rhona McAuley the Service Manager for Community Inclusion Services commented:

“Representatives from the Ulster Bank have attended some of our forum meetings and are booked to attend the remainder forums in the next few months.  Our user forum members and service users have found the training extremely beneficial and are now better informed to spot a scam more easily and how to report it.”

The training covered receiving phone calls from scammers and how to identify a scam call from a genuine caller, advice on disclosure of personal information and reporting suspicious calls. Doorstep scammers were also highlighted and vigilant techniques were discussed to counteract opportunistic callers, coupled with the appropriate course of action to be taken.    

The training is ongoing and Cedar is grateful to the Ulster Bank for supporting the User Forum and service users with very timely and relevant information.