Today Platinum Recruitment's Lee Johnston, who was a former participant with Cedar's Inclusion Works Service in Belfast, provided an information and support session to staff and participants of Cedar's Inclusion Works Service. The session involved an overview on how to make the best use of the flexible and accessible options provided through a recruitment agency like hers, to support entering and staying in employment. 

Lee explained:

‘Platinum Recruitment as an award winning provider of staff to the public sector, are advocates for integrating people from diverse backgrounds into employment. We know our most valuable asset is our people, and that good people are hard to find!  With this in mind we have reached out to The Cedar Foundation, who being an ex-service user myself, know they have a diverse and talented flow of service users just looking for the right role.  Platinum want to ensure people who face barriers to employment understand how a recruitment agency can help them successfully search, apply and prepare for employment which meets their expectations and aspirations.’

At the event Lee spoke to participants in person, and to others around the country logging in online. She answered questions and gave helpful tips on getting recruited. Lee also shared a range of resources and examples of forms involved in the recruitment process to help prepare participants. 

 Michael Blair said:  'Lee has been a real champion for disabled people through her work at Platinum Recruitment and we are delighted that she chose to work with us on this journey'

We look forward to continuing this partnership with Platinum Recruitment in providing greater options for disabled people in finding work that fits around their lives.

Collage. Clockwise. Lee standing with a Large group of participants in front of projector screen. One is hold up a cardboard Cedar logo. two participants looking at Lee speaking. Lee standing beside interpreter and service manager. A jack russell sitting on audience member knee. Lee looking animated while talking. Participants taking to each other while waiting for event to start.