James has been have receiving support from Linda in South Eastern Floating Support Service for just over a year. He became involved with FS through a referral from his Social Worker.

James said:

James sitting with dog on knee looking at camera.

“I received very good support from my support worker Linda. We met regularly every week, and in that time, Linda helped me a great deal, especially with my benefits and managing my budget better."

He added:

"Linda referred me to Advice Space who helped me have a full benefit check to make sure I was receiving the right benefits. Linda and I worked on my budgeting and how best to deal some debts I was struggling with.“

Linda supports James with meal planning and finding out about healthy chilled meals that were affordable and easy for him to manage. He was also able to link with the Lisburn Food bank who have been a great help too.

He explains:

“We worked on both my personal and home safety and security. Linda referred me for additional security lighting for my home and we worked with Lisburn PSNI and the Housing Executive to have the lighting installed, making me feel safer in my home.”

Floating Support service helps people across the region. It covers all of the Northern, Southern and Belfast Trust areas. In the South-Eastern Trust area the service is available in Lisburn and Greater Lisburn. It is also available in the Northern Sector of the Western Trust. This service will help anyone aged 18+ (no upper age limit). Service users receive ‘housing related support’, enabling them to develop independent living skills to maintain their tenancy and prevent homelessness.

James adds:

“I really appreciate all the help and support Linda has given me to work on the things I was struggling with, and helping me see I am able to look after myself, and my finances independently. I know too, that Cedar will always be there for me as they have an advice service I can link with. I know I can be referred to them again in the future. I feel so much more confident knowing they are only a phone call away.”

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