Throughout the lockdowns of the last year we continued to support our service users to engage in our training and to achieve their personal goals.  Many were supported to attend remote groups, this offered people the chance to stay connected & make use of peer support.  In our Southern Area Inclusion Works Brain Injury Service some people took part in a Creative group whilst others continued to attend our in-house training groups, such as 'Personal Effectiveness after Brain Injury'.

The Southern area Creative Group was established early in the pandemic last year and has been meeting every Tuesday afternoon via Zoom to discuss all things creative!

Not only has the Creative Group left participants with a small portfolio of writing, it has also provided a positive, safe and supportive virtual space for participants to share their experiences and remain connected together as they have navigated through the pandemic.

This is what Julie had to say, about being part of the Creative group:

“Being on the Inclusion Works programme has enabled me to get out and meet other people. Before joining Inclusion Works I was sad, fearful about what was next and scared of people. I just wasn’t confident around people at the start because I wasn’t sure how they were going to react to me”.

“Before starting Inclusion Works, I felt like I was stuck in a well, I wanted to get out but couldn’t. Now I am on my placement and there’s no holding me back!"

“Taking part in Inclusion Work’s creative group during ‘lock down’ has helped me to get my confidence back with writing, and knowing what I’m good at again. I feel great after the group online sessions because I am able to interact with other people. It has helped me to think outside the box, grow my imagination and build skills which I will be able to take with me into different environments such as my work placement".

Some of the service users who took part in our Personal Effectiveness after Brain Injury have also shared their tips on coping with life after Brain Injury:

“Try to stay positive. Yes, there will be bad days and you will feel down but think of what you can do.  Having support from people is important.”

“You’ll have your good days and your bad days.  There will be some things you can do and some things you can’t.”

For further information about Cedar’s Inclusion Works service visit EmaiI: [email protected]