Ian became a Floating Support Southern service user in November 2019 and has been regaining his independence and confidence ever since. Ian had sustained a hypoxic brain injury after a heart attack and is now a wheelchair user. Ian was placed in a nursing home to recuperate, but whilst receiving treatment he lost his tenancy and became homeless. The Housing Executive hadn't any emergency/temporary wheelchair accessible accommodation available at the time, so Ian stayed in a nursing home for one and a half years.

This was when Floating Support was able to assist by securing a wheelchair-accessible flat, which he signed for in October 2020. His Case Worker also assisted Ian to apply for a disabled driving license; liaise with the DVLA; reinstate his benefits; apply for and receive a discretionary grant and move house.
Ian shared his thoughts on the service he has received from the Floating Support team:

“I felt lost and overwhelmed before I met Liz; now 90% of my anxiety has gone. I can’t thank Cedar enough for the support I have received especially during the pandemic".

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