To highlight Homelessness Awareness Week we would like to share how Cedar's Floating Support Team continuously work to prevent homelessness.

Both the Regional and Older People's Floating Support services support people across the region. Service users receive housing related support, enabling them to develop independent living skills to maintain their tenancy. 

Shane's Story

Shane had been facing a number of challenges in relation to housing, health and financial issues:

 COVID was already an extremely difficult time on it’s own, but throughout the past couple of years one thing after another has affected myself and my Mum, making us feel at a total loss; I was very suddenly taken off of PIP benefits in January 2021, my Mum took ill in the middle of this year, issues with where I live currently and I have a list of medical disabilities so long that I’d struggle to name them all (benign brain tumour, anxiety, depression, short term memory loss, to name some) so daily life has, and likely always will, come with a lot of hurdles and barriers that I struggle heavily to overcome.

As Shane was having difficulty with housing needs he accessed the Floating Support service and began to be supported by Stephanie to resolve these issues. As a Floating Support Worker Stephanie, like the rest of the Floating Support team, provides advice and guidance including; support to ensure service users are in receipt of all benefit entitlements, budget/debt management support, information on accessing social/recreational activities, advice on adaptations and repairs for the home, support with tenancy rights/responsibilities and disputes, home safety and home management tips plus information around access to health/medical facilities.

Shane commented:

My Mum and I have said repeatedly since Stephanie started working with me that she and CEDAR have been an absolute godsend! When Stephanie stepped in she took on all of these issues and then some and she has helped me through every single one of them and continues to do so now. Having Stephanie there to help me through all of that however she can is a massive weight off of my mind and I could never describe how grateful I am or thank her and CEDAR enough! :-)

Stephanie said:      

We supported Shane through the PIP appeal process and he had his full claim reinstated with additional benefits. This will be being back dated. We gathered supporting evidence from myself and other agencies that supported Shane. Shane, is over the moon as he now can now see more doors open to him with education and a house move.

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