Siobhan’s Floating Support worker Martina realised, that whilst Siobhan was managing her week-to-week payments, i.e., utility bills, etc., she struggled to purchase larger items such as white goods, and other items for her home.   

Siobhan had been relying on a friend to do a weekly wash, as her washing machine was broken. Siobhan had also lost a lot of food items as her fridge/freezer kept defrosting without any warning. Siobhan was unaware of the possibility of applying for a ‘Discretionary Grant’ and had never received any financial assistance when she moved into her current property. Martina discussed the grant process with Siobhan and assisted her in applying for the Discretionary Grant.  The application was successful, and Siobhan was awarded £1,470. Siobhan was delighted with the grant money that she received.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Since receiving the Discretionary Grant, Siobhan has purchased a new washing machine, a fridge/freezer, and she is currently in the process of getting her home decorated.    

Please click the link to discover more about our Floating Support service and how to apply: Regional Floating Support (Disability) | The Cedar Foundation