Karolina is a lady who has had ADHD diagnosed in childhood and whilst living and working in Dungannon she was involved in a severe road traffic accident sustaining an acquired brain injury.


Nicola McEvoy from Cedars Inclusion Works had already done a lot of work with Karolina around employability and language skills.

When Karolina was referred to Cedar Floating Support, Liz Canavan was allocated as her Support Worker. Karolina was having issues with the suitability of her home for her physical needs along with ongoing problems in her neighbourhood.

Liz supported Karolina to apply for a housing transfer to another area by maximising her housing points and providing evidence of those needs to the NIHE. Karolina was in debt and not receiving her correct benefits because of her memory issues and with Liz’s help, Karolina is no longer in debt and is receiving all the benefits that she is entitled to. Liz has helped Karolina acquire a new home, helped her move, and assisted Karolina to apply for a discretionary grant for assistance with painting, flooring, and furniture.

Liz has supported Karolina to reapply for her driving licence, and liaised on her behalf with Motability to get her car repaired.

During their time together a mutual respect for each other was built up and Karolina has this to say about Liz:

“I am very happy that Liz was by my side and helped me with everything. She is an amazing woman who can arrange everything, and I am happy that she was in my life. In the future I would like to be a strong woman like her, she is irresistible.”