The Cedar Foundation Floating Support Service has been a great support for me. I was referred to them after a long stay in hospital. When I was discharged from hospital, I moved into a new house which had been specially adapted to suit my needs.

My support worker Orla came on-board and helped me to purchase kitchen aids and apply for a grant for a new cooker. This was great as it helped me to become more independent and confident in my home. She was able to assist me to contact the NIHE when it came to needing my inside doors widened and sockets put higher up on the wall. 

Orla has provided assistance to me with all form filling, as I am physically unable to do this. Together we applied for the relevant benefits and I registered with the local dentist. This was great as I had a sore mouth which I was able to get seen to, and I now know where to phone if and when I need to go back. 

From helping me to live more independently within my home, to registering me in local facilities, I now have the confidence to ask for and receive help when I need it. Orla has explained to me that If I need to come on the service again, that they are always there to help. 

I am truly grateful for the support that I have received.