My name is Albert. I am a widower and live on my own in a rural community. I was introduced to my Cedar Floating Support Worker by my Physical Disability Social Worker. My Support Worker helped me to log on to my computer tablet to access the internet as I keep pigeons and like to keep up to date with the results of the races including my own. This is enables me to enjoy my hobby.


My Support Worker contacted a benefits advisor to ensure that I was in receipt of all correct benefits. I was also supported to claim my state pension and my Support Worker helped me complete the forms, as I find it difficult to understand paperwork. My Support Worker contacted the Rates Office to set up a direct debit monthly payment, as I could not afford to pay the bill all at once. This was very helpful and took a lot of financial pressure off me.

I currently have my own transport, but my Floating Support Worker gave me information on the ‘Half Price’ Smart Pass and the Disability Action Transport Scheme, should I need it in the future.

My Support  Worker gave me information on local activities, such as, the Men’s Shed & Fit 4 U. I have not attended any sessions yet, but it is good to have the information at hand, if I change my mind in the future.

It was very helpful to receive information on microwaveable chilled foods, such as, Wiltshire Farm Foods, as this is an affordable option for my meals & is delivered directly to my door.

I found it very beneficial to have my important paperwork & bills organised in a folder. I know where my folder is instead of having to look for documents and I can now access the paperwork more easily.

The practical and emotional support from my Floating Support Worker was also very helpful. He was someone Good News Story: Siobhan's experience with our Floating Support service that I felt comfortable talking to, and he understood the challenges that I face with my disabilities. I would highly recommend Cedar’s Floating Support Service to anyone who needs it.