Today is Garden Meditation Day and as an organisation we recognise how important green spaces are. Protecting wildlife is essential for maintaining the balance of nature and preserving our environment for future generations. 

Blue, green and pink butterfly.

This is reflected in our recently refreshed Corporate Service Responsibility policies. We truly value the environmental  knowledge of people working throughout Cedar who expertly inform us on the benefits of caring for nature.

Donna, volunteer receptionist at Balmoral, has grown a range of vegetables and fruit in containers in her backyard over the past few years. She has also planted up some containers specially for butterflies and bees filled with wildflower seeds. Why not follow Donna's example and try growing some flowers or plants in containers this spring?

Reads the great big green weekend

We are pleased to report planning is well underway for our participation in the Great Big Green Week where departments will be working together to promote environmentally friendly activities that are also aimed at boosting wellbeing and fitness. We are excited to bring you news in June of all the events happening in Cedar sites across Northern Ireland.

Shovel, fork, flower potsFinally, our Inclusion Matters and Meadowvale group is about to take part in a unique Horticultural programme at Bells Lane allotments. The programme is facilitated by C-SAW and The New Leaf company. We currently have 10 service users meeting each week at the allotments to do gardening. This programme moves from sowing seeds to cooking the produce grown.

Whether creating an indoor terrarium, enjoying a private patio, visiting public green spaces or digging deep to produce food it is true to say that gardens can bring focus so follow our progress over the summer as we create and share these calm spaces.