Disability Awareness Training reaches higher grounds in the West

Darragh Collins Services Manager of our Inclusion Works Service based in the Western area of the province,

remotely delivered Disability Awareness Training to local Councillor`s giving them a great understanding of 

What is a Disability?

What you can do to support people with disabilities.

What Employers can and need to do to support people with disabilities.

This is part of the councils Disability Action Plan and will help them get a greater understanding of what that needs to look like after the Disability Awareness training.  In attendance on the training were:

Alderman Maurice Devenney

Cllr Anne McCloskey

Cllr Raymond Barr

Cllr Sandra Duffy

Cllr Jason Barr

Cllr Shaun Harkin

Cllr Patricia Logue

from Derry & Strabane District Council.

"The sessions were kindly facilitated by Kay McIvor and the councillors provided some very positive feedback and support for the work we are doing" commented Darragh who will be providing a further session to another cohort this coming Monday evening.

For more info on our Disability Awareness Training contact

[email protected]