Image shows Dalal smiling at camera.Dalal is from Syria and has been in Northern Ireland for nearly three years. She studied law in Syria and is now studying an English course (ESOL) in Lisburn SERC. Dalal is also a participant with Cedar’s Inclusion Matters Programme and Cedars Inclusion Works Programme.

Dalal said:

“I have recently become a Cedar Volunteer as I want to help others. I am going to volunteer at this year’s SERC summer scheme in Lisburn with Inclusion Matters and with the Youth Matters service as well.”

She added: 

“I would also like to be a volunteer interpreter for Cedar. I hope to do an interpreter course so I can help people who don’t know English and need my support. I didn't know English when I first arrived in Northern Ireland so I know how hard it is when you first arrive in a new country and feel isolated.”

Speaking about her future in Northern Ireland Dalal said:

“In the future I hope to study media and I want live in this country and be an active person in the community.”

Volunteering offers the chance to build connections that really make a difference. If you would like to get involved in creating an inclusive society for all visit our volunteer information page or go directly to view our current volunteer roles:

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