In 2016, shortly after graduation, Ciára was diagnosed with a brain tumour and obstructive hydrocephalus. Ciára had suffered severe headaches, vomiting, and rapid weight loss before being rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital. Subsequent seizures and respiratory arrest resulted in emergency surgery and Ciára was placed in an induced coma for 24+ hrs. Speaking about this traumatic time she said:

“I remember nothing but what I've been told by consultant, friends and family, and continued to have memory loss for months after. I remained in hospital for two weeks and underwent a biopsy of the abnormal clump of cells, which fortunately came back benign. My most recent MRI scan in December 2021 showed no major changes!”

Ciára was referred to the Community Brain Injury Team by her neurologist for physical and cognitive therapy. She also became an Inclusion Works service user with the Cedar Foundation.

Ciara skydiving with instructor and floating in clouds.


“I went back to university the following September. Again, something I wouldn't have done if it wasn't for the Cedar Foundation and Inclusion Works. My support worker met with me multiple times over the following three years, providing constant support and guidance, and additional services that were available to me.”

Ciára graduated almost four years to the date of her brain injury with 1st class honours in Cardiac Physiology. Speaking about her fundraising efforts and recent skydive Ciára added:

“I'm not a fan of high waterslides never mind a skydive but I am where I am today because of The Cedar Foundation, and it is my time to give back to them.”

The Cedar Team would like to say a huge thank you to Ciára for raising a massive total of £1568.48. Her daring skydive has been proof of her dedication to raising awareness of brain injury and supporting our organisation. We are extremely grateful. Well done Ciára!

What is Inclusion Works?

Inclusion Works supports adults with disabilities who are keen to build employability skills and experience to be work ready, then moving into a paid job, college course or volunteering on leaving. Specialist physical disability, ASD and brain injury support is available and tailored to each individual and their needs. Following initial assessments, participants will build an action plan, drawn from a menu of choices to address their personal barriers and agree solutions to meet their employability and inclusion goals. Inclusion Works is person-centred, encouraging and supporting individuals to design their own programmes around their needs and aspirations, building confidence and independence.





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