Image shows a group of Cedar representatives standing in front of the CRM building for the EPR Conference.Cedar has had a productive relationship with the European Rehabilitation Group for many years so we would like to extend a huge congratulations as the network celebrates 30 years of bringing professionals together to benchmark and analyse effectiveness in service provision. The celebrations are part of the Annual EPR conference which as focused primary on the theme of ‘Beyond Green: Innovation and Inclusion’.

What does EPR do?

EPR members co-create and pilot innovative products, tools and methods to better meet the needs of clients, employers and funders. Their Motto ‘Learning and Innovating Together’ underpins the work undertaken by the group as they work towards a vision that strives for a society where every person can co-create quality services that bring about equal opportunities for all, social inclusion and quality of life.

Our Message to EPR:

If you would like to learn more about the EPR please visit their website.