The evaluation of Cedar’s Right 4U😊 service within the Western Health and Social Care Trust area has been undertaken by Professor Roy McConkey (Institute of Nursing and Health Research, University of Ulster). The service is funded and delivered in partnership with the Adult ASD team within the Western Health and Social Care Trust and supports people with autism. The report reflects on the support participants receive from the service and the outcomes being achieved. The evaluation will also support Cedar to further review the service delivery and opportunities possible for future development.

What is Right 4U😊?

Right 4U😊 aims to build and strengthen the capacity of young people and adults with autism to engage in activities within their local communities. The objectives of the service are to support young people and adults with ASD to gain practical experience to improve their lives so that they are empowered to become more self-reliant.

The evaluation explains:

“The rationale and ethos of the service was clearly thought out; it was well designed and it has operated efficiently and effectively for over three years.”


The evaluation considered participant perceptions of the service, reactions to the project, changes in services-users and also provided recommendations.

What did the Evaluation conclude?

Through a variety of research strategies and information gathering, the evaluation came to a positive conclusion about the work Cedar does through Right 4U😊.

It stated:

“Participation rates were high, people were satisfied with the service and they were helped in terms of getting out of the house, socialising with others, in acquiring new skills and accessing new experiences. All the project participants who contributed to the evaluation were reported to have changed as a result of their participation; in particular they were engaged in more activities out of the house, more confident and independent.”

The evaluation also reported:

The Trust are to be congratulated for taking the initiative in commissioning the service and to the Cedar Foundation for realizing and arguably extending the ambitions that originally motivated their Right4U model.  It is one of few dedicated services to adult persons with autism regionally and nationally.… exemplifies the intentions of the Executive’s ‘Transforming Your Care’ Initiative and provides an exemplar that other Trusts will hopefully emulate.”

These conclusions reinforce Cedar’s overall mission and capacity to support people living with disability, autism and brain injury to live the lives they choose. It also serves to underscore how Cedar works to realise the vision of an inclusive society for all.

If you would like to find out more about Cedar’s Right 4U😊 programme please visit our dedicated page. You can also keep up to date with Cedar through Facebook and Twitter.