In May 2021 Catherine joined Cedar’s Inclusion Works programme to receive support with employment and training after acquiring a brain injury. Catherine identified obstacles to work with her Training Officer and identified her main goal as being to find part time employment. Catherine has since completed an OCR Life & Living Employability Work skills course.

Image shows Catherine receiving certificate for training.

“I discovered that while previously I had no need to consider my CV, my CV was a shambles. While completing the course we found that I had basically told an employment life story that was filled with information that was a decade old and of little or no relevance to today.” 

She added:

“Completing this course allowed me to learn how to streamline information and understand what is relevant to the positions I am applying for and, that my CV is a living document that must be adapted to that position.”

Having identified the issues around approaching potential workplaces with an out of date CV Catherine and her Training Officer worked together to improve the document. Catherine was extremely happy with the results of her hard work.

“Going forward, my new CV looks awesome and will increase my chances of gaining employment.” 

The course was delivered by Catherine’s Training Officer via Zoom due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Catherine commented:

“The training was delivered in a clear and considerate manner that was easy to understand and allowed for adaptation should my brain not be able to understand and comply with what I needed to do. I would recommend that everyone interested in employment complete this course. I am currently using my CV to apply for jobs, and it has been invaluable.”

Inclusion Works supports adults with disabilities to build employability skills and experience to be work ready, then move into a paid job, college course or volunteering on leaving. It is person-centred, encouraging and supporting individuals to design their own programmes around their needs and aspirations, building confidence and independence.