The ARROW group recently attended a Police Community Safety Partnership event in Ashgrove Community Centre, Portadown. The representatives at the event provided advice about scammers, home safety and security. The PCSP also provided items to support scam protection and delivered a question-and-answer session. 
Group gathered and looking at camera smiling and one person is holding up an ARROW sign at the PCSP event.
Each participant received a pack which included a detailed booklet on the latest scams, how to be aware of scams delivered via phone, post, email, text and messenger services. Tips raised awareness on how to recognise a scammer, how to avoid responding, how to stay safe in the home and while out. The pack also included a bracelet alarm, a purse/wallet keyring with bells to protect against pick pockets, a pen and a key chain to attach house keys/car keys to. Another useful iteam was a paper pad listing safety in the home tips: lock doors, windows, turn off wi-fi and remember to switch off Alexa.
The group found the session extremely useful, and we are looking forward to attending more events in the community in the future.
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