Angeline was referred to the Inclusion works Programme, during a difficult period in her life when her Mum was sadly suffering from cancer and Angeline herself was experiencing pain and fatigue with her Multiple Sclerosis. Tragically her Mum passed in August 2019. Angeline resolved that she wanted to overcome the challenges she faced by developing a positive attitude and helping others.
Identifying that she had a natural ability for engaging with young people through her experiences with her son Angeline set a specific goal to find an opportunity to volunteer with children. Then, the Pandemic put these plans on hold. Angeline was shielded for many months and her goal began to seem impossible.

However, Angeline started to use WhatsApp video calls and Zoom meetings with her Case Officer and completed her OCR Units on Life and Living and learned to manage what has been come to be known as the ‘new normal’. She experienced time in hospital in December 2020 and following some recovery time she decided she “was going to make a go of things and make a difference for others”.

Spring 2021 brought Angeline’s vaccine and after looking at online or telephone options to volunteer with children, she decided she wanted to volunteer face to face and do whatever was needed to achieve this.
Using Zoom for group meetings, she completed an AWARE Mood matters course and worked through safeguarding training with her Case Officer through NSPCC / Social care TV/ Volunteer Now. She also took part in Inclusion works online social support group and really valued the support.

Angelina applied for and was accepted to Cedar’s Youth Matters service as a volunteer. Volunteering during July and August with the Youth Matters Summer Scheme she loved every minute:

“At the start I was nervous but then I got to know all the kids, we went to the park had a pizza day, we recorded a song. I loved talking to the young people, I spoke to them about their disabilities. I was disappointed when it was over in August, and I couldn’t to wait to volunteer again in the Autumn programme. I feel that volunteering is two-way! The young people gave me so much happiness.”

Youth Matter’s Jim Peacock was delighted to have her on his team:

"It was great having Angeline start her volunteering journey this summer. The young people bonded with her almost immediately. It is so important that young disabled people have disabled role models and that is just one of the reasons it is so great having Angeline volunteering with Youth Matters".

Angeline has started volunteering for Youth Matters Autumn Programme. She would love to continue to act as a Champion or a voice for people with disabilities and progress to a career in this area in the future.

Angeline says: “Nothing will hold me back!”

Adding that while she still experiences the challenge of MS loss, pain, and fatigue it is possible to “follow your dreams and overcome anything”.

Inclusion Works supports adults with disabilities to build employability skills and experience to be work ready, then move into a paid job, college course or volunteering on leaving. It is person-centred, encouraging and supporting individuals to design their own programmes around their needs and aspirations, building confidence and independence.