Please enjoy these creative contributions for A Life Re-written:

Life with Brain Injury 


I'm stuck with a brain injury, but it doesn't own me,

My thinking is positive and feeds my strength, this I can see.

My injuries are hard to carry and are not easy to hold,

At times my health gets struck, but I let my thoughts just unfold.


A brain injury is hidden, as a survivor of this, only I see,

It's hard at times, it is, believe this, trust me!


My life is a picture, my strength is the frame,

My life is blessed, I am proud of how far I have came.

I feel strength from my poems.  This i do see,

My injuries may slow me down, but they will never own me. 


Composed by one of our Arrow Service users

Gallery shows pictures of colourful brains. A person painted in style of The Scream. A person bowling. Colourful bird boxes.