As Action for Brain Injury week 2024 continues we are bringing you George Kincaid’s story about his brain injury survival.  The theme for this awareness week is A life Re-written. The campaign explores identity after brain injury and tells the stories of brain injury survivors who have successfully rebuilt their lives.

This is George's experience: 

George standing in front of hardware tools in navy jumper with arms folded and smiling.George came to Cedar after suffering an hypoxic brain injury as a result of a heart attack. He was very motivated to return to paid employment as he felt he had made a substantial physical recovery before being referred to Cedar for support. George’s short term memory and processing speed had been impacted, and through his energy levels were much improved, he was conscious that he does fatigue more easily than before.

Cedar initially supported George on his return to driving. This was confusing, difficult and lengthy situation but Cedar made contact with the appropriate medical professional, who declared him fit to return to driving, which gave a huge level of independence back.

Prior to the brain injury George was a highly skilled person within the textiles industry with many years’ experience. He started a phased return to his previous work role, but as there had been a major downturn in the industry he was unfortunately informed that they did not have enough work for him to continue.

Cedar then worked with George to create a CV, and develop his interview skills through their ‘Job Club’ which helps with pre employability skills and preparation, and more applications were sent. George was very proactive with support from his wife, to search and apply for jobs. Cedar also offered support with some of the initial applications until he could manage this more independently.

Back to back job offers was a sure sign that his hard work on job applications and interview skills and preparation with the Cedar ‘Job Club’ and staff was now paying off. However, George’s situation changed as he felt he had a chance to gain employment with a local hardware store. He meet with his Cedar Key worker for a long discussions, if he should take the job or hold off in the hope he would get employment with another which he desired more but had not yet been given an interview for. George decided he would take the risk and hope he got the job he more desired.

Very soon he was indeed offered the job with the local hardware supplier. He is now in this role for over 6 months, and though he linked with his key worker he did not require any additional supports to establish it. He reports great satisfaction in the job and at having returned to paid employment locally within an area of work he desired.


You can find out more about Cedar’s brain injury services on the website.