Inclusion Works service user, ADAM, tells how he continues to benefit from our employability programme and Workable NI 

Hello, my name is Adam. I first came to Cedar when I was 16 years old and came back when I was around 23. During my time at Cedar there was always a supportive environment and they have gone above and beyond in providing me with opportunities, experience, and support.  

I have completed various courses, with and through the organisation, and I even had the opportunity to do a work Placement at Cedars reception. This allowed me to improve my skills and confidence and got me ready to join the work force.  

They then helped me prepare and search for a job and with their help I was able to get a Job with the council. Even when I got a job they made sure I would receive the support I needed by referring me to workable Ni. Workable Ni was able to make sure I got the support I needed in the work-place, through reasonable adjustments and making sure that there was an open dialog with my line managers.  

They regularly check to make sure everything is going smoothly and to see if any additional support in the work-place is needed. They also helped me apply for access to work to get transport to and from work. All this has made the transition to and Continuous employment at my job easier and far less stressful. 

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