Carolyn has an Acquired Brain Injury, is partially sighted, and also has mobility issues. Four months ago she was faced with an eviction notice.  After contact with Cedar's Floating Support service Liz was assigned as her Floating Support Officer. Liz liaised with several agencies on Carolyn's behalf and first of all was able to maximise Carolyn’s housing points, resulting in the Housing Executive offering her a ground floor flat. Liz also contacted the Vineyard Church and the Partially Sighted Team in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust.
Carolyn's friends and family supported her too to complete the process of Carolyn’s move to her new home.

Liz also assisted Carolyn to apply for a discretionary grant and a NIHE homeless starter pack and has supported Carolyn to apply for PIP and Housing Benefit, all of which she has now received.
Liz asked Carolyn what was the most important thing that Cedar has done for her? Carolyn replied,
‘You treat me like a person, not someone with a Brain Injury; in short you saved me.’
Introducing... Thomas who has just completed his support with his Floating Support Worker Síofra. During his time with Floating Support, Thomas received assistance with benefits to ensure he was receiving his correct entitlement. He also received support with form filling for benefit application forms. Thomas was supported by applying for a Discretionary Support Grant and was able to purchase a new fridge freezer and cooker with this grant.
Assistance to arrange health appointments meant that Thomas was able to get an eye test carried out and was then able to choose new glasses.
Thomas said that
"Cedar were helpful in many ways and provided great advice. Cedar listened to me and gave me a voice".
Thomas has enjoyed his time with Cedar and said "I would recommend the service to others". He is excited for the future.
We are all wishing Carolyn and Thomas the very best for the future and thank them for sharing their feedback with us.