Searching for a Charity of the Year?

The Cedar Foundation is one of the oldest charitable organisations in Northern Ireland. It was originally established in 1941 to develop orthopaedic services for people with disabilities and was actively involved in service development for people with disabilities such as Mitchell House and Fleming Fulton special schools and the first residential facility for people with disabilities, Malcolm Sinclair House in Belfast.

While Cedar works with statutory organisations that purchase services provided by Cedar on behalf of people with disabilities e.g. H&SCTs, DEL, NIHE etc. we are also heavily dependent on donations from the Public and Corporate sectors within Northern Ireland. A charity of the year partnership would enable us to continue to develop our services.

The Area
With 23 locations throughout Northern Ireland Cedar is a truly regional charity, every penny we raise is spent in Northern Ireland and in all areas of Northern Ireland. Cedar offers services to disabled people in each of the Health & Social Care Trust areas and is always striving to develop new and innovative services throughout the province.

The Experience
Cedar has a very experienced fundraising team who are well versed in organising various fundraising events from Abseils to Zip Slides, from Firewalking to Zorbing. We also support local organisations or individuals who are raising funds for us. We have a very good relationship with the local media (obtaining over £90,000 worth of free press coverage annually) and will do our best to gain the maximum publicity for our partners.

The Profile
Cedar provides exceptional services, our customer satisfaction rates are consistently above 99%. A charity of the year partnership would enhance our profile and raise awareness of the services we provide, therefore enabling people who desperately need our services to access them, as well as raising vital funds to help us with our work

An outline of what Cedar does

Cedar and Quality

For more information phone the Communications Team on 028 9061 2424 or email [email protected]