The residents of the Croft have disabilities challenging them to the extent that living independently would not be possible without the assistance of the Croft. The residents bring so much joy to everyone they come in to contact with and you can’t help but smile with them when in their company. The Croft staff and families are a very dedicated group who go far and beyond what many of us would be prepared to do and are crucial in forming and maintaining what is a big Loving Family. It is for all these reasons I had no difficulty in nominating the Croft as my charity when I run the London Marathon on 21st April 2024. If you wish you should be able to track my progress on the day through the London Marathon website but have the kettle handy, it’s not going to be over in a flash!! To encourage you to consider sponsoring me I will add 10% of my own money to your donation. If you sponsor me for £10, I will donate a further £1. Which means, if we reach my target of £1,250, I will add £125 to that figure and so on. Mervyn Kinney