My name is Richard and I volunteer in Cedar’s Springtown office in Foyle developing and maintaining the outside space. I have been volunteering for approximately 2 years and when I first started, I was presented with an unused courtyard and asked to create a usable space. Over the 2 years, I have cleaned the space, built raised flower beds and painted the walls and fence.

Each year I add to the space as well as maintaining a well-used, colourful, relaxing environment for staff and service users. One of the developments for this is year is to create a positive affirmation tree – this is where people can write their thoughts down and place them in a container on the tree. I hope that this will help people think through their concerns and maybe come up with solutions. 

I wanted to volunteer to give back to Cedar, other organisations and the people who helped me through a difficult time. I acquired a brain injury which changed my life and adapting to this is very difficult. Throughout my journey, I have been encouraged by my Case Officers to broaden my horizons and utilize their support to try new things and new experiences such as horticulture and bee-keeping. This gave me the skills and confidence to apply my vision to the courtyard in Springtown. 

It’s a pleasure to be able to volunteer and to contribute something tangible and positive to the very people who did the same for me.  

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