My name is Donna and I have been a volunteer with Cedar for 13 years. I volunteer as a receptionist in Cedar’s Balmoral office operating the switchboard, answering queries, passing on messages, managing the sign in/out book, and most importantly meeting and greeting visitors and staff. I feel it is really important for me to be friendly, approachable, and welcoming  

I enjoy my voluntary role at Cedar as it helps me overcome my shyness and gives me the confidence to socialise and make connections in a professional environment. I also enjoy the comradery at lunchtime, making time for a catchup and chit chat in staffroom with the lovely Cedar staff.  Its been a privilege to be part of the Cedar team for so long and I feel valued and appreciated. 

The staff at Cedar has helped me to continue in this role for so long by putting reasonable adjustments in place as I have a progressive visual impairment. I would like to thank all the staff for their support and for letting me do tasks at my own pace. I hope to continue to volunteer for Cedar as long as I can as its such a good place for wellbeing and mental health 

I would recommend volunteering at Cedar to anyone who is thinking about it as, over the years, it has provided me with the opportunity to make connections, develop friendships and have positive experiences. 

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