Emma Higgins started the challenge on 1st March and aims to be done by 11 APRIL and only a few days to go.

The challenge is to run,walk,crawl the distance between Derry and Glasgow within 6 weeks which is 194 miles.
She currently lives and works in Glasgow, she has not been able to get home to Derry since last summer due to the pandemic. So she thought she would set a challenge and work towards a goal to keep her spirits up until she can be reunited with her family and friends.
"I chose to do a fundraiser as motivation to keep going and chose Cedar as it has actually been a great help to a friend/family member who visited the Derry branch. Cedar has helped them achieve goals they would not have been able to do alone and been a huge confidence boost for them too. The work done at Cedar is fantastic so I wanted to help give a little back if I could" Emma stated.
Emma set a target of £500 and has now doubled it with £1055 raised so far help her raise some more by donating below.
Please support Emma by donating online
Good Luck Emma, Thank you for choosing Cedar for your fundraiser.