It was a dull and grey morning, but it didn't dampen the spirits of those gathered for a special event to celebrate Brain Injury Awareness Week 2024. Participants from ABI Choices and Inclusion Matter met at Bangor Marina for a walk and coffee, united by this year's theme: "A Life Re-Written."
The group set off along Eisenhower Pier, passed through Pickie Fun Park, and walked along the North Down coastal path. The fresh sea breeze and friendly company made the walk enjoyable. Conversations flowed easily, and the theme "A Life Re-Written" felt meaningful to everyone.
After the walk, everyone gathered at a nearby coffee shop. The smell of fresh coffee filled the air as we all enjoyed our hot drinks and light snacks. Laughter and conversation created a warm atmosphere.
One of our attendees from ABI Choices shared his thoughts: "This walk was more than just exercise. It reminded us that we're all rewriting our stories, and it's great to do it together. Breathing in the fresh air and walking with friends was just what I needed. Good company and a bit of exercise really lifted my spirits."
As the morning ended, participants felt a renewed sense of hope and connection. The event celebrated Brain Injury Awareness Week and highlighted the strength and resilience in each person's journey.