Gifts in Wills

Melissa Tumilty with Caoimhe MurphyCedar passionately believes in the right of people with disabilities to make a contribution to all aspects of community life in line with our Vision of a society accessible to all. Everything Cedar does is about inclusion for people with disabilities, whether at work, in the home or socially.

Cedar's Services:

  • Empower people with disabilities to be in control
  • Support individuals and families to build personal and family resilience
  • Build the personal capacity of individuals to live, work and take part in their communities
  • Continually improve and innovate to provide the best services for people with disabilities


Cedar is one of the oldest charitable organisations in Northern Ireland. We were originally established in 1941 to develop orthopaedic services for people with disabilities and, over the last 70+ years, we have developed new services throughout Northern Ireland which we deliver to over 2,200 children and adults each year. Cedar relies on the generosity and support of people in Northern Ireland including gifts in wills. Leaving a gift in your will is one way that you can make a real difference to the lives of people with disabilities throughout Northern Ireland. With your support, imagine what we could achieve over the next 70 years.


It's so easy
We realise it is very easy to put off making or changing a Will. But the reality is that making, or even updating, a Will is easy. There is only one golden rule and that is to use a solicitor - who does this every day of their life.

You do not have to make loads of complicated decisions all at once. A simple Will can just say, as one example, that you would like your family/spouse to have 99% of your estate and Cedar 1%. It can be as simple as that.

If you already have a Will, you can phone your solicitor and say "can you please add a gift in my Will to Cedar for £xxxx" - and it can be done in minutes.

To make it easy for you we have a sample codicil - which is a legal appendix to your Will - which you can complete and send to your solicitor. There might not even be a cost to do this. But it will be important for your solicitor to read the codicil to check it does not conflict with your current Will.We have also produces two other documents; Frequently asked Questions and Cedar's Commitments for Gifts in Wills.

If you need information on finding or choosing a solicitor to make or amend your will, contact the Law Society of Northern Ireland by phone on 028 9023 1614 or visit

If you would like to discuss Gifts in Wills or would like more information on the work of cedar Contact Katherine on 028 9061 2424 or email