What's on offer

What's on OfferInclusion Works offers participants the opportunity to: improve their employability skills and social inclusion; enter paid employment or voluntary work; and achieve qualifications.

We will work closely with you to assess your support needs and make sure you have all the support and practical assistance you need to achieve your goals.

Throughout your programme your Case Officer will agree each step with you, set up activities from your action plan, act as mentor and guide, and keep in regular contact. We can also assist with course fees, transport or equipment required, such as course materials and assistive computer equipment.

We offer one-to-one advice to help you discover what you enjoy and can give you all the support you need to turn your passion into a career. We can challenge and develop your skills with a range of local employers to help you gain valuable work experience, try out different career choices and prepare you for paid or voluntary employment.


  • The Cedar Foundation
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  • The Cedar Foundation
    1a Woodside Road Industrial Estate
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