Michael Cromie at NICVA

Nuala Trainor, Michael Cromie (trainee), and Michael O’Neill My name is Michael Cromie and I was assigned a voluntary post in the IT department at NICVA to learn how to use drupal - a content management system used by NICVA to manage their websites. Cedar helped obtain this job after completing 3 qualifications since I was paralysed in a road traffic accident in March 2009.

Nuala Trainor at Cedar in Belfast has helped me along to find training and voluntary employment since my accident, in which I broke my neck. I attended BIFHE between September 2009 and December 2011 studying computer programming.

Since starting, Stephen Gray, the Head of Information Management at NICVA, alongside Chris Graham, Web Developer, have together taught me how to use drupal in a variety of ways since I started on 27 March 2012. I attend for 2 hours on Tuesday afternoons. Among the things I have learned are:

  • Site building using drupal
  • Modules
  • Adding content
  • Themes and sub-themes

I hope to use everything I have learned at NICVA to try to find employment in web development or to design websites self employed. I would highly recommend Cedar to anybody with disabilities who would like to find training and employment and also NICVA for people looking to work in the voluntary sector.

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