Brain Injury Awareness Southern Area

On the 22nd of January 2004 I had a Brain Injury as a result of a car crash and this has affected my Memory and Concentration. I forget a lot of small things, such as remembering to switch off the heating.

Even concentrating on a single task is sometimes an issue - sometimes I find my mind seems to wander. An example of concentration loss is if I am doing Homework - I can start thinking of something irrelevant and then that would be when I would have to leave the work.

Cedar has helped me focus on Memory and helped me with a technique called "Visual Aids", which is a good way of remembering tasks.

Cedar have also helped overcome my concentration loss by teaching me to channel my attention to one task at a time.

Caolan McPolin


Dean JardineAll I want to say is that I would not be where I am today without my involvement with Cedar.

I am now in full time employment, have my GCSE in English and have a happy and active social life. Cedar has given me the confidence to get to where I wanted to be.

Dean Jardine


I had never heard of Cedar before Dean was referred by his Speech Therapist for issues related to his Brain Injury but that was the luckiest day of our lives. Dean has gone from a person with little self confidence to a young man who has the same expectations as any other young man. Dean's big wish was to gain his GCSE in English and against all the odds he got his grade. The change to Dean's life has been amazing I know that this would not have happened without the input from Cedar. The staff have been more than helpful and supportive and I know that the really care about the person and not just the trainee they work with.

Dean's mother


"Cedar staff don't just turn up to work 9-5, they are always there for us"



I sustained a brain injury when I was in my late 20's in a car accident. Before I was referred to Cedar I attended a Day Centre 4 days per week and I lived with family. Since being put in contact with Cedar I now live and travel independently and Cedar helped me achieve this. I had always wanted my own place and space. I also attend two work placements four days per week which has improved my self-confidence and has given me a big opportunity to meet lots of people. I enjoy working with the Cedar staff because they care about me.

Jean Wilson


Shane's Story

ShaneI was 11 yrs of age when I had my accident. I was hit by a passing car and as a result I sustained a Head Injury. Since my car accident my family and friends have been good to me. They make sure that I am safe, clean and well fed. However a lot of other people make a laugh about me and joke about my condition. People tend not to take me serious because I can't do the same work or other things they do...

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What are the challenges of living with a brain injury?

The challenges I feel would be I get frustrated sometimes that I can not do the things I used to before hand. My income has been reduced and I had to give up my work. I also spend a lot more time around the house.

What difference has Cedar made to you?

I have been able to get organized to sort out my bills and able to budget my money better. I've also moved house and began cooking for myself.

Reggie McMullen, Floating Support Service User


John's Story

John Maxwell Acquiring a brain injury was to have a massive impact on my life... I tried to return to my studies... but had to give this up as I found it difficult to cope because of my brain injury. I tried part time work in a supermarket and in retail but because I have a hidden disability colleges didn't understand when I struggled with what they would consider easy tasks. The ABIT Team told me about the services available from The Cedar Foundation and in 2008 I was referred through to the charity for further help....

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"Cedar staff are all lovely - they are a particular type of person with the special qualities of wanting to help us."



Hi - I'm Martin.

I had a serious Brain Injury in November 2004. When I eventually got out of Hospital and was at Home I was a different Person - I couldn't do the things I normally took for granted. I felt useless and withdrawn, I couldn't interact with People.

Then I was introduced to Cedar. I started going to Meetings with Cedar Staff and People who also had Brain Injuries. Cedar Staff were so Helpful and caring.

Cedar got me onto a Computer Course. They helped and supported me the whole way through the Course which I have completed and Passed.

Cedar has really helped me and still continue doing so. Thank You.

Martin Campbell


John's Story

I had a brain injury and as a result had lost my sense of taste and smell, developed epilepsy, memory loss, vertigo, disorientation and anxiety. My daily life had changed - I had to depend on friends and family for everything - I could cook as I wouldn't be able to tell if the food was good/bad, if it was burning, I couldn't taste or smell it - I had lost some independence...

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My Brain Injury by James Alexander Strain

After 7 years old I developed Fluid on the brain. Mr Gordon drained the fluid but this had caused brain damage. For 3 months my father sat with me nearly night and day and my mum who was a nurse, came to see me rarely as it distressed her so much. I was in a coma for 3 months. I could hear everyone else but couldn't speak. Then one morning I just woke up and I could talk perfectly. At first my memory was terrible and I couldn't remember anything but as I learnt to read and write I wrote everything down and managed that way. There were no special schools then but my school teacher stayed late and gave me extra lessons to help me.

I am a slow learner but can learn new skills... it just takes time.

I have had epilepsy ever since, taking seizures about 3 times a week. Since my medication has been balanced and the home help comes in to give me my tablets, I haven't had a seizure for about 7 months. I can't work manually as a labourer any more as the seizures got worse as I got older.

As I grew up I was accident prone and kept hitting my head resulting in 3 metal plates in my head which have now been removed.

Cedar has helped a lot with my finances as Maths is not my strong point. My support worker spots my problems and works out a way to deal with them without making me feel stupid. They know where to get help and who I can talk to; this will help me in the future.



My brain injury has resulted in me finding it difficult to remember names of people and places. I used to work as a professional chef, but now I can't read instructions for detailed menus.

My concentration levels are affected later in the day and I find it difficult to concentrate and make decisions.

The support Cedar have given me has enabled me to get out and about as I've been signed up for the Door 2 Door transport scheme. I've also began to cook from menu's that I can understand as they have very few instructions in them.

The support from Cedar has helped to make lists for my shopping, I have also been introduced to the Headway organisation and have had a lovely evening out with them.

By Lynne Brownlee